Our manifesto

Armada.digital is the story of 3 friends who partner together to boost the voice of good causes, a committed premise for these enthusiasts of the web and societal entrepreneurship. Our mission is to help projects, societal causes and individuals looking to impact and improve society.

We defend positive causes

We are conscious of the challenges we face today. We want to improve the impact of projects with positive scope for society.

Our job is human before being technical

We prefer human relations rather than codes. We have our own style. We work in kilt and without tie.

We are knowledge-brokers

We intend to emancipate changemakers and place weapons of massive construction at their disposal

Internet is a common good and must stay open and accessible

We advocate for a decentralised, collaborative, open internet. Anyone should be able to use it freely.

Armada is a fleet of the possibles

Armada functions openly itself. We invite other actors with various talents to build this better world.


HWC Brussels is the activist arm of Armada. We stand together for responsibility and respect towards privacy internet.

Homebrew Website Club Brussels is an alliance of passionate people who want to create this alternative web, a web where our fundamental rights like private life and freedom of speech can not be snatched, neither by multinational companies nor by governments.

The allies

We contribute to the emergency of an independent community of vessels which constitute a true Armada and share the same values. A fleet of actors and activists of change, uniting and collaborating to be stronger.

Our allies

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We free software