Be Fairtrade

Organised by Brussels International, Be Fairtrade Be Brussels is an annual event aimed at promoting the fair trade actors of the capital, especially in their dimension of citizenship solidarity.

What they needed

Be Fairtrade was looking for a partner able to articulate their campaign on social media and give maximum visibility to the actors of Fair Trade Week in Brussels.

What motivated us

Becoming a fair trade actor by participating in the emergence of a greater awareness of the importance of fair trade. And to exchange directly with the actors of fair trade and promote their activities and products.

Seeds must be in the hands of farmersVandana Shiva

What we did

  • Development of a website with the most important information on Fair Trade Week
  • Social network coverage of key moments of the day at the event and various fair trade shops in Brussels
  • Increasing visibility of the event on social networks (Facebook Ads) and on the web (Google Adwords)